ICBC Argentina Deposit

Its deposit terms range from 30 days to 12 months.

ICBC Argentina Deposit Interest Rates

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ICBC Argentina Discussion

  • Q: how much interest do you offer on 1 million US dollars for a one year term? thank you

    Reply sid from Canada
  • Q: How to open and deposit to your bank from another country.

    Reply Mohammed from Saudi Arabia
  • Q: how safe is Argentina savings deposits and are they easily withdraw-able?

    Reply JAY from Englewood, United States
  • Q: can i, as a foreign (holland) open an account and get the same interest rate?? end doest holland / europa back me up till 100K as far i know Argentina is a part of europa?

    Reply Khan from Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • R: Argentina is not part of europe...

      Reply Joost
  • Q: Uk resident interested in opening the one year account. Do you have any deposit guarantees? I have a Chile rut card so would that help? What is necessary for opening an account

    Reply Beady from United Kingdom
  • Q: I live in Australia and interested in your term deposits. Are there restrictions for overseas investors? What are your terms and conditions? Is the interest and funds guaranteed? Is the interest paid in your currency? Is it immediate payout after the term is over? What are the tax implications? How can you offer such a high interest rate? What is the risk? Regards,

    Reply deborah from Wilberforce, Australia
  • Q: Hello . I would like to deposit some money at your ICBC Argentina location on the 1 yesr term deposit at 33% . How do I go about doing that ? Thanks, Ken Piche .

    Reply Ken from Greater Sudbury, Canada
  • Q: I live in the UK. Can I open a savings account in your bank and what interest would I earn?

    Reply Frederick from United Kingdom
  • Q: How to open and deposit to your bank from another country.

    Reply layla from Shah Alam, Malaysia
  • Q: Hi I'm an indian and would like to fix certain amount in your bank. How that can be done. your bank procedure fees and what are the interest rates i will be getting in the end. Please provide the detail procedure to open a fix deposit for 6 months period time.

    Reply Shahina from Mumbai, India
  • Q: can i, as a foreign (denmark) person open an account and get the same interest rate??

    Reply Stefan from Norway